Italian-French; Andrea Castagnieri, Paris 1769.

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$26,990.  Born in Turin in 1696 and moved to Paris 1720. A dealer of other fine Cremonese makers and has substantial write-ups on-line.  Varnish ranges from a reddish-brown to golden brown. High quality standard of craftsmanship

LABEL-inside violin.
Pallazzo di Sceffone Pariggi 1769

CONDITION; Instrument is in good condition.Top-3 various repaired crack. 1 repaired soundpost crack with professional small bib introduced underneath. Ribs-No cracks. 1-Piece Back-Gorgeous wood, 2 cleated cracks. Neck-perfect, new fingerboard. French graft at scroll.  Scroll-Beautifully carved, highly exaggerated.  Multiple re-bushing of peg holes.



Price is for instrument only.

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