Baza Bon Viola

Regular price $190.00

Baza Bon Viola:
11"-13" $190, 
14" $240, 15"-15.5" $290, 16"-16.5" $390 bought outright

European made, real ebony, real purfling, German-made Wittner fine tuners or tail-piece.  Set up in our shop.  Nitrocellulose spray on varnish. Great for schools on a budget that need an instrument that tunes easily and stays in tune.

Our most basic instrument.  These instruments tune well but do not meet our criteria for the instruments in our rental program, but these instruments are far superior to instruments for sale online in this price range.

At our Keene location. Please call for purchase.


Price is for instrument only.

To purchase a case or a bow please refer to the links below.